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Pool Services San Antonio, TXSwimming pool installation involves a significant investment and you need skilled and experienced pool builders for the job. We at Artscape Pools are a reputed chemical free pool builder based in San Antonio. We have successfully completed a number of projects in Boerne, Canyon Lake and New Braunfels.

Our company has catered to a number of clients in and around Shavano Park, Garden Ridge and Selma. We proudly serve clients in Schertz, Helotes and Timberwood Park and the surrounding areas.

Chemical Free Pools

Chemical free pools are very different from traditional pools. They have a safe purification system that includes copper systems & natural oxygen to purify the pool water. In conventional pools salt/chemicals like chlorine are used in the water purification process. When you opt for a chlorine-free pool you don’t have to deal with problems such as scaling, fading of tiles and other features, as there is no addition of salt or chlorine. We custom design these features for you and ensure that your pool is a resilient, durable as well as aesthetically appealing and safe for use. Read More About Chemical Free Pools  >>


A spa is a great addition to any poolscape. Today many of our clients prefer to get spas installed along with the swimming pool construction project. However we also handle standalone spa design and installation services as part of poolscape upgrade projects. Since this feature will be custom designed for you have complete control or aspects such as styling, size, depth, width and more. We use the latest installation techniques in our work, the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your spa complements the appearance of your swimming pool and the rest of the landscaping too. Read More About Spas >>

Natural Pools 

Natural pools are fast becoming the craze in outdoor living trends in the US. Over the years, we have built a significant number of natural pools for clients in and around San Antonio. A natural pool has no chemical content and the water is filtered with the use of aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria. These pools have a very natural look and they are an eco-friendly alternative for homeowners looking for chemical free methods to treat their pools. These features have two distinct sections- one is the actual swimming area, and the other space is used to install the plants and bacteria that help keep the pool water clean and healthy. Read More About Natural Pools  >>

Gunite Pools 

Gunite pools are resilient and long-lasting features that can be installed in any area of your yard. As a company that has been operating in this space for a number of years, we have the expertise, experience as well as resources to provide you the kind of in-ground gunite pool that you need. Our team of designers will ensure that the pool is structurally sound, aesthetically appealing, safe and functional. The will also focus on aspects such as water-efficiency and energy-efficiency while installing the plumbing systems, filtration systems and more. We use the best quality steel reinforcement and gunite in our work, ensuring that your pool will provide you years of trouble-free service, with very minimal maintenance. Read More About Gunite Pools  >>

Concrete Pools 

If you are looking for a custom designed concrete pool for your residential property, we are the experts to come to. Our team of experienced concrete pool designers will work closely with you to understand what your styling preferences and requirements are. Based on these discussions we will provide you customized concrete pool design solutions. In addition to the pool installation, our team can design features such as spas, water features, steps, grottos and a more. When we are designing your concrete pool we focus on aspects such as a functionality, aesthetics, safety and longevity. Our team will also ensure that your pool is energy-efficient and water-efficient. Read More About Concrete Pools  >>

Swim Ponds 

Modern day homeowners now seek pool installations that are water-efficient and energy-efficient. This is where the swim pond trend has emerged from. This feature helps reduce the environmental impact, even as it reduces your overall maintenance costs. Swimming ponds have two components- one is the regeneration zone while another is the actual swimming zone. These two areas are divided by an internal wall that could be made of smooth-faced blocks, clay bricks or natural stone. We design and build customized swim ponds that meet your needs and fit into your budget. Read More About Swim Ponds  >>

Water Features 

Including water features in your poolscape is one of the best ways to add to the uniqueness and elegance of your property. We can design and build different types of water features such as rock waterfalls, sheetfalls, grottos, fountain bubblers, bubbling boulders, or deck jets, and foam jets. Over the years, our team has also designed and installed various unique water features such as a rainfall sheets, waterfalls, waterwalls, Baja shelves and more. When we are designing these structures we make sure that the styling complements the overall appearance of the poolscape and the pool feature. Read More About Water Features  >>

Swimming Pool Design - Computer Assisted Design 

Most homeowners are very keen to know exactly what their swimming pool and the surrounding spaces would look like once they have been installed. Simple drawings on paper and blueprints cannot give you an idea about how your swimming pool project will turn out. This is exactly why we use CAD in our work. This 3-D technology allows us to provide clients with 3-D images and 3-D videos, and gives them a clear view about what the final product would look like. Using this technology also helps ensure that clients are able to make the alterations and changes they want in the design before the actual construction work begins. This helps save them a significant amount of money and hassles. Read More About Swimming Pool Design >>

Pool Construction/Install 

Constructing an in ground pool is a specialized job. Once a designer has provided the plans and material details, our installers use these to build pools that are resilient and durable. When we are constructing pools, we focus on aspects such as the overall appeal, functionality, safety as well as durability etc. We incorporate all your ideas, requirements and ensure that the pool feature meets your vision and idea for that space. We use the latest tools, technology and techniques in our work, ensuring that the project is completed professionally and efficiently and to your 100% satisfaction. Read More About Pool Construction/Install  >>

Pool Decks

One of the simplest ways to uplift the appearance off your poolscape is to add a pool deck to it. While we provide pool design and installation services as part of our broader swimming pool installation solutions, we can also handle poolscape upgrade jobs, and can install a new deck near your existing pool. We provide you various design options as well as material options and information about their pros and cons. This helps you make a more well-informed decision about the type of pool deck you want. We ensure that the best materials are used in the work and that the craftsmanship is top of the line. This ensures you get a pool deck feature that can provide you years of enjoyment. Read More About Pool Decks >>

Designing and building pools is something we are extremely passionate about. Our team is committed to providing you the solutions you need at very cost-effective chemical free pool pricing. For any more information or for consultation and quote, feel free to contact us at 210-SWIM-783 (210-794-6783). You can also use this Contact Us form to send queries and we will revert shortly.
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