Chemical Free Pools

Chemical Free Pools San Antonio, TXWhether you are considering building a brand new pool, or want to move to a chemical-free alternative with your existing in-ground pool, the project will involve a significant amount of time and cost. Custom designed pools that have popular features such as water slides, natural stone waterfalls or spa features, require a considerable amount of planning and expert installation.

Property owners of these types of pools also demand much better ways of protecting these assets. They want these investments to last and look for swimming experiences to be the best they can. This is also why many consumers are now are looking for chemical-free pool alternatives for their homes.

Swimming pool installation involves a significant investment and you need skilled and experienced pool builders for the job. We at Artscape Pools are a reputed chemical free pool builder based in San Antonio. We have successfully completed a number of projects in Boerne, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels. Our company has catered to a number of clients in and around Shavano Park, Garden Ridge, and Selma.

We have built chemical-free pools for clients in Schertz, Helotes and Timberwood Park and the surrounding areas as well. Chemical free pools are different from conventional features; they use a safe purification process that includes iconic copper systems and natural oxygen to purify the water. In traditional pools salt or even chemicals such as chlorine are used to purify the water.

Benefits of Chemical Pools

We at Artscape Pools are highly committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, and our team will help you select the perfect pool for your lifestyle and family. There are a number of reasons that make chemical free pools an excellent choice:

  • No Pool Scaling- Scale is the white, chalky, hard calcium carbonate deposit that builds-up on various parts of the pool including the pool plaster. Not only does it affect the appearance of your pool, but is also very difficult to remove without impacting the surfaces of the pool.


Scaling is very common in swimming pools that have traditional salt or chlorine systems and can cause a considerable amount of damage to the pool equipment as well as all the other features. When you opt for a chemical free pool, it helps eliminate the problem of pool scaling.

  • No Need For Chlorine and Salt Systems- Chlorine is unhealthy and salt is very corrosive. Many pools that have these systems start showing the damaging effects that will become evident over the years. With chemical-free pools, you don’t have to worry about red eye that is caused when sweat, human urine, and chlorine builds up in traditional pools.


Custom Designed Chemical-Free Pools

Aside from this, chemicals and salt also fade the color of your pool plaster which isn’t a problem with chemical free pools. No matter which way you look at it, a chemical-free pool is an excellent option if you are considering a new pool installation on your property. We use top grade materials, the latest tools and technology and our vast experience to provide custom designed pools that will last for a number of years, with minimal maintenance.

For any more information on chemical-free pool cost, or for consultation and quote, feel free to contact Artscape Pools at 210-SWIM-783 (210-794-6783). You can also use this Contact Us form to send queries and we will revert shortly.

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