Outstanding swimming pool design and styling are often realized by the water in the pool, its reflections, appearance, color, and the manner in which it refracts color and light. Every homeowner wants to ensure that their swimming pool zone is designed uniquely and that it adds to the aesthetics of the space. Adding a water feature like a stone fountain, waterfall, or any other vertical element that has moving water, can dramatically uplift the appeal of your poolscape and turn it into a work of art.

Water feature installation involves creativity and knowledge and you need skilled and experienced contractors for the job. We use our advanced knowledge in pool building to create effects that will lend drama to your poolscape. There are a number of different water features to choose from such as:

  • Rock waterfalls are a great addition to organic looking pools.
  • A sheetfall looks great in a modern style swimming pool.
  • If you have a lagoon-style poolscape, a grotto is an excellent choice.
  • Raised wall structures with sconces lend themselves very well to Mediterranean-style pools. In these features, the water flows out of high mounted lion heads or rosettes.
  • Sun/foam jets can be incorporated into the pool design.
  • We can add bubbling boulders/fountain bubblers to the pool
  • Deck jets shoot out streams of water and are a fun feature for kids’ entertainment.
  • Tanning Ledges for a relaxing day in the sun.

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