A natural swimming pool is 100% chemical-free that is filtered through helpful bacteria and aquatic plants. It is like a natural water garden and an excellent eco-friendly alternative for people seeking a chemical-free method to treat their swimming pools.

Artscapes Pool & Outdoor Concepts has catered to a number of clients in and around Shavano Park, Garden Ridge, and Selma. We proudly serve clients in Schertz, Helotes, Timberwood Park, and the surrounding areas as well. Over the years we have handled a number of natural swimming biologically active, swimming pool projects.

Natural Pools – How It Works

This is a very specialized job that requires deep knowledge of the different types of beneficial bacteria and aquatic plants that can be introduced into the pool water. Here is some more information about exactly what these pools are and what is involved in their installation:

  • Unlike a chemically treated pool, that is sterile, a natural swimming pool contains beneficial microorganisms and plants that outcompete the harmful bacteria and algae for nutrients, leaving your pool water safe for swimming.
  • This pool is made up of two separate parts- the swimming area and the regeneration zone. The latter looks very much like a water garden or a charming pond and provides the perfect habitat for aquatic plants that effectively filter the water.
  • These plants take all the nutrients out of the water and create a hostile environment for algae. In addition, there are anaerobic and aerobic bacteria within the regeneration zone as well as the biological filter that eliminates other undesirable elements.
  • The water flows through the filter and is channeled into the regeneration zone after which it is directed to the main swimming area. Since the water is in constant motion, it is safe and clear for swimming.

Custom-Designed Natural Swimming Pools

Our experts have handled a large number of natural swimming pool design and installation projects over the years. They know how to seamlessly integrate these with the rest of the landscape. Based on client requirements, some of these structures may have concrete foundations, straight lines, and hard edges. Our design team will ensure that your swimming pool looks like an attractive naturally occurring water feature. We will also select the aquatic plants for your natural swimming pool very carefully, based on aspects such as hardiness and climate zone. 

Our focus is on creating stunning custom natural pools that will provide you with years of enjoyment and increase the value of your property. For any more information or for consultation and quote, feel free to contact us today at 210-794-6783.

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